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 Republic Wireless is an innovative new cell phone deals and mobile provider, spear heading a wireless freedom movement to return value and control of the smart phone experience to its members. Leveraging the power of the Internet and an engaged community of users, Republic Wireless offers unlimited talk, text, & data for only $19 per month, with no contract required.

 MotoX $299 No Contract from Republic Wireless Republic now offers four new disruptively priced plans from $5 to $40 per month, and the ability to change plans up to twice per month right on the phone so consumers never buy more cellular service than they truly need.bestcellphonedeals republibic wireless They have become the cell phone best deals on plan today.

Moto X is top of the line cell phones that you can buy today with these best cell phone deals. Moto X™ is ready when you are. It responds to your voice - no touching necessary. Click it

  Twist your wrist twice, it becomes your camera, and gets the shots you otherwise miss. Moto X is the first smart phone ever to be designed and assembled in the USA, so it's close to you before it even gets to you. Once you turn it on, it's all yours. Just talk.

MotoX $299 No Contract from Republic Wireless

$99 Motorola Defy smart phone with Unlimited Data, Talk & Text. Plans only $19/month. No Contract.


1 Unlimited smart phone plan with talk, text, & data for only $19 a month
2 No contract
3 No overage's fees
4 Innovative Hybrid Calling technology that uses WiFi when it's available and cellular when it's not republic wireless phone.                                                                                  5.If you are driving it will send a text saying "I'm driving right now I'll pull over and call you back" Also speaking out loud how it is that's calling

No WiFi? No Sweat.
When you don’t have access to WiFi, everything still works great over our cell network. In fact, you can even move from WiFi to cell coverage seamlessly—with no dropped calls, delays, or weird static noises.

WiFi powered.
You’re surrounded by WiFi for most of the day. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could use it for talking, texturing, & data-ing? Of course it would! So we made it happen - with no app to open or 2nd number to manage. Instead, our phones connect and route calls over WiFi auto, then cell towers when needed.                               

What is Hybrid Calling? rebulic wirelessClick it and see

                                      motox starts at 5 dollarsOur custom-built Hybrid Technology is the reason we can offer the lowest rates on monthly service plans. Our phones use WiFi as default and then we back it up with a traditional cell network so you’ll always have great coverage wherever you go.


 The Huffing ton Post: republicWireless: Game Changer in Revolution against AT&T & Verizon"The revolution will put you in the driver's seat."Republic Wireless: Game Changer in Revolution against AT&T & Verizon
Posted: 11/26/2013 11:46 am

I'm a middle age man with a love/hate affair with telephones. I can't do my work without one, and when I started in business 30 years ago, it was not unusual for me to pay $2000 a month for long distance service. Continue



The Washington Post:  How plain, old WiFi will revolutionize the cellular industry


It's easy to forget that WiFi has actually gotten faster over time. In 2003, your garden variety WiFi network managed theoretical speeds of 54 Mbps. Fast forward a decade, and we're now browsing over WiFi, in some cases, at 1 Gbps or more.
Those advances aren't just creating faster Internet experiences. They're also giving rise to a new crop of cellular services. These alternatives to the traditional wireless carrier take advantage of the spread of cheap and plentiful WiFi to deliver low-cost voice, SMS and data in ways that should make the giants in the industry deeply jealous. If the budget-minded upstarts get their way, they could wind up overturning the entire way that cellular service is bought and sold. Here's how......

Bloomberg Business:

“Why would a carrier ignore 200 million POPs?” Morken says. “Why ignore the biggest network in the world?” (A POP is a point of presence, a person within reach of a network.) Morken is talking about a network composed of all the Wi-Fi routers in America. Carriers have had a couple of reasons to ignore it—some technological, most business-driven........

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cell phone best phones and unbeatable deals

Bottom line is when all the major networks are taking about this revolutionary company and even calling it a "game changer" A lot of people take notice. I bought the Motor X in December. I've had a lot of smart phones over the years. This phone is AMAZING. It just blows me away with it's technology. I see way gave it best tech award for 2013.

 Watch my unbiased video page. Sure they had some bugs when it was in beta last February. Google owns it and they made sure it beats the i phone.

Click on the link and see all your options. If you go through me you$100 rebate. Plans starting as low as $5/month from Republic Wireless







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I just got my Republic Wireless Moto X smart phone. I'm tottaly blow away at the tecnology put into this phone. Now I know why gave it the best tec award for all of 2013. I live in San Diego. My girlfriend and I drove to the mountains. I always had great reception from coast to the mountains

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